HubSpot: Inbound Marketing Software

This tuesday we are having Harvey Simmons from HubSpot speak at our meeting (6pm. SMG 240). Many people may be wondering what Inbound Marketing is, and as a little “preview” of this weeks meeting I have compiled a brief description of what HubSpot does for its users.

HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing Software that connects Social Media, Blogging, ect all into one. This integration allows you (as the user) to run reports measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy; Who is visiting your site, compare your site performance against competitors, identify the successfulness of your blog. As well as send mass e-mails, managing your landing page, publishing your blog to reach the most people, improve your search rankings, and a variety of other things that make your experience in the marketing world a little more simple.

For more information feel free to visit HubSpot’s website


BUMKC Community Manager


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2 thoughts on “HubSpot: Inbound Marketing Software

  1. Roman Knerr says:

    Useful page and especially informative. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

  2. market man says:

    boy am i glad i stumbled apon your site,,,great information and great site
    excellent work

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