Is Google+ the new Facebook?

It's hardly news that Google+ is becoming the next big scene in social media and online marketing. It's taken things which have worked well for Facebook and Twitter, and slightly tweaked them.

So how exactly is Google+ different from Facebook and Twitter? The platform is almost identical to Facebook, except it’s much more simple and has less advertising junk. However, Google+’s main power is the feature of categorizing people into Circles; allowing content sharing under control. For example, you wouldn’t have to worry about people in your ‘Acquaintance’ Circle stalking you like they possibly do on Facebook anymore. But what’s more significant is their concept of business pages, which was released this week. If you type in Google with a “+” and the business name, the Google+ brand page will automatically show up in the first ranked results. Another convenient feature for Google+ users is the +1 button on any brand page that has been created.

But there are still some drawbacks for marketers of how Google+ isn’t so useful. First, the fact that only one person can post to an account makes distributing work ineffective. This lack of multiple accesses to the account will decrease communication with customers significantly. Second, brand pages also cannot circle Google+ users in unless users circle them first. This may be a good feature for customers to receive less spam, but for a brand it’s hard to reach out to all of the audiences. Google+ also bans all running contests, promotions, or coupons on their pages to provide a more personal experience. Which is quite detrimental to businesses that are trying to get publicity. Essentially, businesses will need to get used to juggling multiple social media platforms at once. Rather than having seamless integration into one.


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2 thoughts on “Is Google+ the new Facebook?

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