Have you ever thought of how branding effects us ? While searching the internet I came across this simple “diagram” which pinpoints the power of marketing, advertising, and branding.

We as members of society have unintentionally absorbed information which drives our decision making. What I mean by that statement is we have ‘filtered’ products as status symbols and allowed them to mean more to us as individuals than they should. What does driving a VW mean? It is a fairly high priced brand and can be viewed as a symbol of wealth. Apple has made a name for its self in innovation, Apple users can define themselves as people who are on top of the ‘electronic’ world, up-to-date on all the newest Gadgets and able to afford pricy items. McDonald’s is a symbol recognizable all around the world, the ‘golden’ arch is seen in over 119 countries, 31,000 stores worldwide, and serves 58 million customers per day. The power of McDonald’s to brand it’s self into an international symbol of efficient, cost effective food, as well as a charitable organization.

What does this say about the right side of this photo? We can identify these brands in seconds, but leaves? How has society shaped us? How are brands able to effect us?



BUMKC Community Committee Manager

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One thought on “Branding

  1. Looks like great minds think alike, Madeleine. I like your perspective on branding!

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