Egg McMuffin – Healthy? Fattening? Effective?

“The Egg Mcmuffin of…” from apartments to the weather channel, the egg mcmuffin brings forth the good in everyone and everything. In fact, why not make egg mcmuffin an adjective? That’s what McDonald’s commercials are doing. So far the happy, be healthy appeal of McDonald’s is working since, according to, “in the United States, McDonald’s serves one out of every four breakfasts eaten out of the home.” Fair enough to say, breakfast food is McDonald’s most important time of service, especially since the advent of the Egg Mcmuffin.

Ever since the Egg Mcmuffin was introduced in 1972, breakfast sandwiches have experienced a steep incline. In fact, the Mcmuffin can almost be declared a marketing genius for offering a fast, convenient form of breakfast food that is “300 calories or less.” Yet is it really that healthy? In terms of calorie content, the Egg Mcmuffin is not particularly healthy; although compared to many other Mcdonald’s foods listed, it is relatively better. According to Calorie Count, the Egg Mcmuffin merits a C as its nutrition grade while many of McDonald’s breakfast products merit an F. However, that’s not to say the Egg McMuffin is healthy even for McDonald’s standards. In fact, the Egg Mcmuffin still contains twelve grams of fat and five grams of saturated fat. In addition it has two-hundred sixty milligrams of cholesterol and eight-hundred twenty milligrams of sodium or 87% and 34% of the daily value recommended, respectively. Yet, convenience is everything and McDonald’s does it best. Customers stream in to grab and go the classic Mcmuffin, knocking competitors out of the kitchen.

The real question comes with what is McDonald’s secret? Why is it able to own the breakfast sandwich market? For starters, McDonald’s is particularly famous for its cheap prices, the Egg Mcmuffin itself costs under two dollars. Yet, an interesting factor, recently, could be that McDonald’s has taken a multiple target market approach. Those who are not pleasantly happy with their appearance would like to know they are eating something with more nutritious value and those who view McDonald’s as a containment for the overweight are more likely to favor a healthier McDonald’s. Either way it’s a win-win for McDonald’s. After all how could you not love Egg McMuffins after watching this?

-Ivana Orozco

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