H&M style by Kling

Elin Kling, Swedish fashion blogger extraordinaire, started her career in the industry as a model and then as a blogger in 2007(STYLEbyKLING). She has since gained international fame and influences the fashion choices of everyday women around the world. Her style could simply be put as effortless-chic of a modern power-woman with a touch of bohemia. She has become the first-ever blogger to launch a collection with a reputable house. Her collection with H&M represents her style and influence in the industry, but also points to some marketing ploys by H&M. It seems that in the recent years as the blogosphere has been exploding; and more and more companies are trying to take advantage of the influence of social media to improve their business plans.

It cannot be denied that Elin Kling has a great sense of style and is a great marketer, for she has been able to in just 5 years sell her blog, all over the world and become a well-known name. However, it is questionable why did H&M choose her? Was it for her design-skills, for she should be called a stylist rather than a designer; or was it to increase sales, as a flock of customers would come running in for her limited-venue products?

The fact that H&M was first to join into what may soon become a bandwagon, is of no surprise. From a business perspective it makes perfect sense to engage with customers on a personal level by having someone with whom they choose to interact on a day-to-day basis anyways. The nice pieces that H&M ran for Elin Kling, did her a huge justice as she was able to become a reputable voice of style, and at the same time spread the word around for H&M as clothing that really is designed by one of the real women. For Elin Kling, is not a glamorous untouchable fashion designer, who lives in an unknown world, but is a regular woman who built her way up in the industry by support of everyday women looking for a bit of fashionable advice.

It’s hard to judge if H&M truly believed in her talent, or ran her collection only to increase profits, regardless it is clear to say that she deserved it, now we only have to wait and see who else will follow in her footsteps.



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