How To Win A Guy In 10 Calories

Attention: Dudes everywhere. Put down your socket wrenches, footballs, and cold beers and rush to your nearest supermarket to pick up a pack of Dr. Pepper 10. The 23 flavor classic soft drink has gone through a recent makeover, in attempts to appeal to a broader male market.  If the slate grey, tool box resembling can does not already give away its masculine hints, its tagline Its Not For Women will.

So what exactly was Dr. Pepper thinking when they constructed such a ‘boys only’ soda marketing campaign? With no doubt that the company conducted extensive market research, focus groups, and tests, one can think about what results inspired the final concept.

As health trends are becoming more popular within the commercial food market, soda sales across the board are down. According to the Associated Press, Diet Coke is the second most popular soda sold in the United States, closely followed by competitor, Diet Pepsi. Because diet sodas have always had associations with being “a women’s drink,” Dr. Pepper is trying to catch up to the ‘big boys’ in the soda industry by marketing to the ‘big boys’ in the market. This idea is far from novel, as campaigns for both Pepsi Max and Coke Zero attempted to do the same thing, but numbers still fell way below expectations. Dr. Pepper’s solution lays it ten small calories, emphasizing that this masculine solution has real sugars in its recipe. Tasting similarly to the famous original, Dr. Pepper 10 hopes to gain back some of the calorie counting males with a new macho image.

Unfortunately Dr. Pepper 10 commercials and ads aggravate some female consumers, as they showcase some stereotypes about chick flicks, fear of snakes, and lady drinks. Since studies have shown that women do most of the food shopping for the household, how will these controversial campaigns affect sales?  Time will tell if the ‘ten bold calories’ of Dr. Pepper 10 are too bold.

-Vivan Janeo

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