Appealing to the Mass- An Understatement for the 2012 London Olympic Games

London Olympics 2012The golden, ultimate marketing opportunity is but four months away. What better way to get the name of a company out to the open than to associate it with a program that attracts 4.7 million viewers- 70% of the world? This is the amount of viewers that the 2008 Beijing Olympics received and as technology in countries evolve, the estimated audience is only going to grow larger. The opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics games is set to be broadcasted worldwide on Friday, July 27, 2012. However, marketers of companies have been working hard to secure sponsorship positions with the Olympic games- some, such as Coca-Cola, have been corporate partners of the games from the very start, while others, such as Samsung, are latecomers.

What does it mean for a company to be associated with the Olympic logo? Well first of all, the company gets to stick the Olympic logo on every surface and inch of air that they own. If this in itself isn’t exciting enough, the company’s logo is on the official Olympic website. So whenever you go on the website to look up an athlete, to check-up on the scoreboard, or to just browse, you will see the sponsor companies. That means that you will see, recognize and eventually embrace these companies. In addition, partnering with the Olympic also means partnering with their values and goals. The company is seen to have the lively, wholesome, ambitious, and young spirit that the Olympic games embody. And not to mention, these companies, with advertisement space and airtime more coveted than the Super Bowl, are allowed to get first dibs on ad space in the Olympic stadium, preferential access to commercial breaks, and the opportunity to set up and showcase the company and its products on the actual Olympic site itself. This is marketing and advertisement goldmine- definitely worth the $20 million that sponsor companies pay on average to use the rings.

Now I want to switch base and talk about the 2012 London Olympics logo itself. We all know, recognize, and love the five adorable animals- Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni- that make up the mascot team for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, in addition to the red traditional Chinese seal that appears above the Olympic rings in each logo associated with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The logo has to be aesthetically pleasing but more importantly, it has to convey the goals and values of the mother country and the expectations of what it wishes to gain from the Olympic games itself. The life of the 2012 London games logo began with a rough start. The logo was designed by logo designer Wolff Olins and depicts a jagged 2012 in bright neon colors. The country of Iran claims that the logo actually spells out the words “Zion”, a biblical term for Jerusalem, and threatened to ban the logo. Others found similarities between the logo and the swastika. My thoughts- everyone should just chill out. The logo was designed in a funky, chunky font with the intention of appealing to the young, internet-obsessed mass. While I think it’s a simple and eye-catchy logo, I don’t believe it to be worth the £400,000 it took to purchase it. Honestly, I think all of us know or think we know graphic designers or photoshop fiends who could’ve done a better job.

Hopefully this blog post gave you some insight on what is but only a tiny portion of the Olympic games’ marketing and advertising techniques. When you watch the Olympic games this summer, don’t just use the commercial breaks to take bathroom breaks, but actually use the time to analyze the immense effort and money that went into creating everything associated with the 2012 London Olympics. With that said, I cannot wait for the games to begin!


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