Eric Daman @ your local store, XOXO Gossip Girl

Who is Eric Daman? He is the style guru behind the impeccable clothing of the Gossip Girl cast. So you wonder how someone gets chosen to style a cast like that, and why this matters for marketing, here is how and why.

First of a little bit about Eric Daman, he has previous experience as a costumer stylist, working with industry elites such as Patricia Field, and has worked as a buyer in Paris, where he also did some modeling gigs for Steven Meisel. He started styling for the show when it first came out, and has since become a hit as he is able to capture each characters’ persona and express that in their clothing, whether it would be from Serena’s  laidback and easygoing looks, to Blair’s posh and sophisticated taste. Daman is also able to create these wondering outfits by mixing high fashion with something you may be able to find at your local Forever 21. He has stated that he believes that fashion isn’t just buying high-end designer clothing, but also encompasses being able to mix something you can find at a second hand store with a Chanel jacket, and some Louboutins. He believes that by doing this even for the cast he can make the characters look more approachable and realistic, however I have to say that he does it with great expertise as those “low-end” items are hard to spot.
His ingenious styling on Gossip Girl has brought him fame and he is currently pulling a double-shift styling for the new show Carrie Diaries. While doing all of this, he has also collaborated with DKNY and Charlotte Russe to bring style from the TV to the closets of many fashionistas all at affordable prices. Speaking out about this, he wanted to create clothing that girls could afford and wouldn’t have to spend their whole paychecks on, most of his dresses at Charlotte Russe sold for under $50.  So why was he chosen to work for these well-known brands and collaborate with them?
In the last few years we have seen in the industry many big names in fashion have taken under their wing someone who is up-and-coming and had them create a collection that would be sold under both names. This is done to expand into new markets, and target a specific crowd that would come looking just for those products. It is a very smart marketing campaign, especially if the target market is always growing audience of Gossip Girl. Daman’s collection of stockings for DKNY brought Gossip Girl fans to a store they would not have likely visited before. DKNY chose Daman to work with them so they could promote these tights and have a new base of customers, who once they walked into the store would be enticed to not only by tights. The same can be said about his collaboration with Charlotte Russe.
Although, Daman only designed dresses for them, the company relied on the fact that once the customers are inside and ready to buy one of his outfits, they will be more willing to by other items in the store as well. The benefit for the designer is that they get their name out there, while for the store it is that they have entered a new customer base and can rely on those customers to come back looking for similar items.
The question to ask is how much longer will we keep on seeing similar collaborations, as more and more stylists and bloggers are becoming common names within the industry, when will their hype end and the attraction of getting clothes designed by someone just like you stop to entice customers? Probably, around the same time the blogosphere slows down, we will see a slowing trend in such collaborations, but for the time being there is still a chance for one of you to be the next Daman.

XOXO, Kalina
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