Should Barnes & Noble become obsolete?

What is a book? A dictionary describes it as a “a written or printed work of fiction or nonfiction, usually on paper fastened and bound.” As we digress with technology, this definition is constantly getting warped. A book to some is a 3 million-pixel device that has a bright screen and “lifelike” imaging. I can’t imagine a day where there are no bookstores. Browsing the new-reads and finding the perfect book is something I’ve been doing for a long time.

Barnes & Noble, the self-proclaimed world’s largest book seller, is an example of a once profitable company desperately holding on to the remains of the print world. Their stores are becoming irrelevant the more they supply online and electronic products like the Nook, an e-reader. So much of the business stemmed from printed books and media. Although the business is trying to adapt to the wave of technology, it’s inevitable that this store will fall in the future. They have many more competitors now that there is technology readily available.

Barnes & Noble isn’t just selling books; it’s selling the experience of eyes glowing as they sift through the pages of a well written novel, or as they open up a gift that reminds them of all the memories of a relationship. Books are so much more than just text on a PDF document, they are the expressions of a persons life, the stories that explain countless memories and emotions; they can send hidden messages, or help someone escape reality. If the accessibility of paper-bound literature and media was to become obsolete, then a part of our world and culture would be changed forever, however this seems to be more and more of a reality.

In our current society, the print industry is inevitably doomed. With assignments submitted on the web and more online textbooks available, we are more and more reliant on our tech gadgets. With this comes less interaction, and can eventually lead to losing touch with proper social mannerisms. Also, the way we read feels more and more mechanical.  It has become so easy for us to just do all of our work with the use of technology and internet resources, we multi-task, find what we are looking for trough the use of search-boxes, and just complete the task at hand as efficiently as possible. Although, this is great for completing simple tasks at hand, it makes us lose the ability to throw ourselves into piles of work and come to moments of grand ideas.

What would be the point of having so many things accessible online? If we had everything we could need on our tech gadgets, then we wouldn’t ever have to leave home or do anything for that matter. We could just sit in bed all day long doing our work and submitting it. We would eventually, become more mechanical and lose all human interaction. Therefore, I do not believe that Barnes & Noble should become obsolete, neither should print media and the joyful moments that getting enthralled in a good piece of literature can bring.


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