Is Comedy one of the Best Forms of Branding?

Do you remember the last advertisement you watched? How about any of the advertisements you’ve watched in the last week? The truth is that the general public no longer fully focuses on advertisements much anymore. Most people recognize advertisements as a pestering procedure during television shows and, now, on YouTube and a variety of different video posting websites. Because of this thought process, advertisers have a few seconds to capture your attention. Most people know about ethos, pathos, and logos, yet most advertisers would say that pathos is the strongest way to persuade. Pathos appeals to the viewer through his or her emotions. So what better emotion to appeal to than happiness and what better way to make you happy than through humor?

There are a few brands that people instantly recognize for their humor. Aflac and Geico may come to mind. Yet, the interesting part about comic advertisements is that the viewer usually does not care what the brand is selling but about how funny the advertisement is. Besides the gecko, Geico tries to play on funny scenarios completely unrelated to its product—car insurance. Wouldn’t brands want the masses to know all about their product? Perhaps not. Brand recognition is as if not more important than the product’s features. Geico and Aflac especially may rely more on funny advertisements because no one, honestly, cares about the idea of car insurance. If Aflac, for example, can portray the image its product as fun and hilarious, customers may very well remember the brand the next time they need car insurance..

Clearly, Geico and Aflac are not the only ones following this trend. The Superbowl is infamous for creating hillarious, well-done commericals. Although when people are asked to pick their favorite commercial, they immediately pick the funniest one. Why? Because you always remember the one that impacted you the most and that usually ends up being the funniest one in the bunch. Years ago, the introduction of the E*TRADE baby during the Superbowl created huge buzz for the company. To this day, E*TRADE continues to use the baby. Perhaps humor in the advertising world is a cycle. First there is the introduction of the hilarious commercial, which, if successful, brings huge brand recognition. From there, customers trust the product and recommend it to friends. Besides if the customer’s friends do not remember the product, it becomes the perfect moment to bring up the commercial no one can forget. That brings immediate trust right there. The next step is customer retention and reinforcement, which focuses on more money for advertisements. The end product is profit.  Does that mean humor yields profit? Looks like it. Humor is a way to differentiate your product. Maybe the marketing world needs a bunch of comedians in the business because it appears as if advertising humor to build brand recognition will withstand years to come.

And for fond memories are the following links:

What makes you pay attention to advertisements? The quality images, the computer graphics, the music or perhaps the story

The trend these days is to utilize comedy.

-Ivana Orozco

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