Disney’s Marketing Success

Disney LogoIt is no secret that Disney has an amazing marketing strategy that attracts millions of customers every year. Although simple, these strategies make the company extremely successful and known all over the world.

In the parks, Disney all targets its currents customers. For this reason, the parks continuously offer its customers endless products.

For example, every time a customer departs a ride, he or she is directed towards a store that contains hundreds of items related to the theme of the ride. Moreover, Disney constantly improves and expands all of its products and offerings. Lately, Disney’s classic movies have been shown in movie theaters again, but this time in 3-D. This allows the children of this generation to fall in love with the classic Disney movies, as well as giving the parents a chance to remember their childhood memories.

Disney also constantly replaces outdated rides with new ones that feature new Disney movies with their characters. Aside from making theme park rides, Disney never fails to produce toys and games that are related to its new movies. If Disney failed to create new products and movies, its profits would suffer and its number of customers would decline.

Just as Disney makes sure that all of their rides are up to date, Disney is committed to staying current will all the technologies children use, shows they are watching, and how they incorporate technology in their lives. This way, Disney has a way of being involved in most aspects of children’s lives: from the movies they watch, to the toys they use and even to their vacation destinations including theme parks and cruises all year round.

It is a combination of all of these marketing strategies that make children beg their parents to take them to the theme parks, and buy them the latest Disney movies, games and toys!

– Carolina Navarrete

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