Eboard Summer Catch-Up: Maddy

In order to keep up with BUMKC this summer, eboard will post weekly about our internships, adventures, and overall summer! These posts will start with me, Madeleine Naro, the President of BUMKC.

I hail from New York and naturally saw the opportunity to spend the summer at home and intern in the most fast paced city in the world: NYC. I like to keep busy and summer is no different, I am interning at two companies, taking a summer class, running BUMKC, and acting as a brand ambassador!

For the first half of my summer I have been interning at Judith Ripka. Their internship program includes a rotational program as well as full time positions.The life of an intern includes a ton of learning, accompanied by filing and who could forget copying! My experience at Judith Ripka has been invaluable. I have learned so much about jewelry as well as how an office operates. Everyday has been a different experience, from store visits to  cleaning jewelry, processing returns and creating reports. Judith Ripka has given me the ability to dabble in various parts of the business.

StyleCaster Homepage

Next I will be interning with StyleCaster, a fashion social media site. Users post their fashion inspiration as well as get information about everything fashion-related on their website. They write pieces about fashion, collaborate with designers, and inspire fashion bloggers everywhere. I am currently a brand ambassador for the company and  am very excited to get more involved with StyleCaster in July.

Spending the summer in the city has been fantastic. I’ve been able to have many different experiences professionally as well as travel and spend time with family and friends. BUMKC has a great year planned for everyone at Boston University! With a fantastic new eboard which you will be hearing from every week!

-Maddy Naro

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