Spiderman and Bourne Identity Up for Another Round: Good or Bad?

Many of us recall the award-winning films Spiderman and Bourne Identity while growing up, yet who would have thought that we would all be able to relive that experience once more. The last films in both of the original series were released in 2007—only 5 years ago.

However, this year billboards, posters, online advertisements, among others portrayed a slightly different look to the series we all know too well. Jeremy Runner is portrayed as the the bourne legacynew Aaron Cross in the installment of Bourne Identity titled Bourne Legacy, commonly being referred to as Bourne 4 on google search. The storyline is different from its predecessor. In fact, the movie appears to be a loose continuation of Bourne Ultimatum without Jason Bourne or any affiliates. Yet, is it enough to bring consumers into the theater? I suppose if you like Jeremy Runner that much or simply love the films you’re only counting down the days to its release. Yet when billboards with Jeremy Runner as protagonist are stationed in theaters, it is not difficult to see why many would view the film as more of a remake than a new story. Maybe the franchise is like Pirates of the Caribbean; three is enough.

amazing spider manUsually movie franchises successful in some time era will appear ten or twenty years after the original releases, some examples are Chronicles of Narnia and Star Wars. However, five years after the last release seems a bit soon to say the least. Many consumers will be discouraged and ignore advertisements and promotions of the soon-to-be-released films. Still there will be those who are curious to see if the reemergence of the film will stay true to the original or stray from it. Others simply do not care but go due to a lack of other movie options. Either way, the new releases will most likely not obtain the same amount of revenue as its predecessors.

The Amazing Spiderman, the remake of the original Spiderman, does offer a tentative counterargument like Bourne Legacy. According to the film’s director Marc Webb, The Amazing Spiderman “isn’t so much… a remake.” Rather he explains that “’Spider-Man’ takes place in “a different universe and a different story with different characters” and encompass a whole other tone to Raimi’s “Spider-Man” film”. At least the movie offers some form of distinction. Yet whether that is enough to bring moviegoers most likely unaware of this information to the theater is uncertain. Perhaps The Amazing Spiderman and Bourne Legacy will fare well for its changes and name, but instinct tells me that will not be enough to draw their former audiences back into their worlds.

-Ivana Orozco

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