Eboard Summer Catch-Up: Manisha

Hey everyone!

I’m Manisha Mahtani and I’m the Accounts Coordinator here at BUMKC.

I hope everyone’s been enjoying these past two months of summer break as much as I have…Although, I must admit I can’t wait to get back up to Boston and get started on an even better semester for BUMKC. The club’s really going to take off when we get back and I can’t wait to work with you all to get it there! We have an incredible semester ahead of us everyone!

As for the summer, I’ve been keeping quite busy interning at various locations ranging from small-scale cosmetics companies to acupuncture focused medical offices. Completely polar ends of the spectrum, I know. But, like I said…it keeps me busy. More than that though, I find that working in a diverse range of environments is an asset as a student because I can compare and learn about how different sized companies in similar fields operate and adapt my behavior accordingly. Personally, I think it’s a vital skill to have.

I was lucky enough to find these internships, but I know how tough a job market it is at the moment. Trust me, getting my foot in the door wasn’t easy. My heart goes out to you all who tried to find something but couldn’t. If there’s any piece of advice I could give, you it’s not to settle for what’s posted online. You’ve GOT to be aggressive when searching. Also, I’ve found that talking to people over the phone is a much stronger way to make yourself known and come across as more than just another student email address.

Anyway, on a more fun note…I’m probably going to be headed to Spain and Gibraltar around mid-August to meet up with family. So, I’m really looking forward to the tail end of this summer.

Savor the rest of break and I’ll see you all in September!


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