Eboard Summer Catch-Up: Diane

Hello from Seattle everyone!

I’m Diane Liu, one of the events coordinators for BUMKC!  I’m so thrilled to be part of Marketing Club and I’m even more excited for the events we’ll have this upcoming semester.

I hope you all have been having a fantastic summer. I can honestly say that it is going by way too quickly for my liking. I kicked off this summer by spending three weeks in Beijing, China with my parents to see extended family right after the term ended. (It was rough having to go on a thirteen hour flight to China right after I got off a six hour flight to Seattle from Boston. Does anyone else hate flying?!) I definitely experienced a bit of a culture shock the first few days, but after I eased into the fast paced city atmosphere, I cherished the time spent with my family while exploring different parts of the city. I was glad to be back in Seattle after three weeks though; the time without any communication with friends was getting rough.

Once I got back home, I started a part time job with Ulta, a chain cosmetic store similar to Sephora. I’ve been working in sales, and it’s been great getting experience to interact with customers and get a feel of the working environment. I’ve also been meeting with a procurement manager at the Starbucks HQ to prepare my application for a Starbucks internship for next summer.  I absolutely loved seeing the headquarters and it has been remarkable getting an inside look on her job and inner workings of such a successful company.

Other than that, my summer has been very relaxing! My best friends and I are planning several road trips down the Pacific Coast to Oregon and possibly northern California. I’m incredibly excited to spend the rest of the summer with friends and family and to get back to Boston. BUMKC has a great agenda for the upcoming semester and I’m eager for it to start!

My advice: Relish every second of summer! Relax, go to the beach, spend time with loved ones, read a book (Fifty Shades of Grey perhaps? ;-)), or go explore somewhere you’ve never gone! The opportunities are endless!

-Diane Liu



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