Eboard Summer Catch-Up: Alex

Hey from Brooklyn, New York! I’m Alexandria Chong and I am BU Marketing Club’s Treasurer. For the past year, you may have seen my name on the website because I love writing posts for our blog!

This summer has been chaotic to say the least. I ended the semester winning a case competition with three other team members held in joint by Boston University School of Management (SMG) and Boston Scientific Corporation, where we ran regression models to predict revenues, prices and strategic market entrance and exit of various new products. I won $500 and bought myself an iPad, a great start to my summer, I’d say.

Twice a week, I intern at start-up, Offerpop, which is a social media marketing software company. We launch sweepstakes and contests using applications for Facebook and Twitter. Just think back – didn’t you vote for your favorite fraternity on Facebook last spring? Yep, that was us! I’ve spent the past three and a half months learning search engine optimization, creating website content inventory audits, helping launch a new website, and acquiring email marketing and business analytics skills. Four other days of the week I have the pleasure of working at TopShop/Topman with some of the most stylish people I know. This summer, Sir Philip Greene, owner of Arcadia Group, actually came to visit us in the Soho, NY store! As you can see, that only leaves one day free for me a week. Busy, right? :/

In addition to interning and working, I’ve also been keeping up with my writing! I’ve had a couple of posts on BUMKC’s blog and a few articles on The Sound Alarm as well. One other thing I am pleased to tell you I’ve been working on this summer is named College AppAssist, Inc. Executive board members from BU Finance and Investment Club and I founded the non-profit, College AppAssist, Inc., which was recently incorporated in the end of July in the State of Massachusetts. Our mission to provide educative college application services to students with cost or time hindrances whom would otherwise not be able to apply to four year universities and colleges. Can’t wait to meet and work with some awesome high school students this semester!

I haven’t forgotten to have fun this summer though! I just came back from a visit to Boston this past weekend and got to spend time with friends. I’m also going on vacation with my family the last week of August before classes start!

I’m SO excited for what BUMKC has to offer you this year and for what you guys have to offer me! We’re gonna have a great time together! This semester is going to be phenomenal and crazy hectic for me. I am patiently enjoying the rest of summer before the fall semester comes around and I have to dive deep into the abyss known as SMG’s Core. I have my hands tied with the honor of being your Treasurer and the Vice President of Communications and Marketing of College AppAssist and I can’t wait! Have an epic end of summer and I’ll see you in the fall!

by: Alexandria Chong


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