Eboard Summer Catch-Up: Mirabella

Hey everyone! I’m Mirabella Katz and I am one of the events coordinators for BUMKC.  I’m really excited to see all of you at our meetings this fall.  We have some great meetings planned with very interesting speakers.

I started off my summer with a trip to Prague for my SM450 class.  My classmates and I studied how businesses function in Prague while learning about the culture and history of the city.  It was an incredible experience and a perfect way to begin my summer.

Since then I have been spending my summer doing a marketing internship at QLabs, a tech incubator in New York City that creates new technologies every few weeks and tests them to see if they have the potential to succeed.  It has been amazing to work in the QLabs office alongside other startups, such as Codeacademy, MoviePass, and Turntable.fm.  During my time at QLabs, I have been helping with marketing of one of their existing products named Huntsy, an incredible job search organization tool, as well as their newest product named When, a site for private family sharing.  It’s great to have an impact on a product and see it go from the early stages to its eventual launch.

Other than working, I’ve been spending time with my family and friends and relaxing before the start of the school year.  With the end of the summer approaching, I’m finishing up my internship and then going on vacation with my family.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I hope that you all enjoy the rest of the summer and I look forward to seeing you at the first BUMKC meeting this fall.


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