Has the iPhone Reached its Peak?


Last Wednesday, September 12th, was the special holiday that every Apple lover looks forward to: the unveiling of the newest iPhone. Held at its customary location, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, people around the world were excited for what new features Apple had come up with next. There was no doubt that it wouldn’t sell out; the first preorder batch sold out in just one hour.

While the haze lingers from the glittery anticipation of new iPhone 5 users and desperate jealousy from those tied to their contracts, what will happen next? Already there have been some complaints about the new iPhone and the new IOS 6 mobile software. Most of these complaints come from disappointment in the hardware’s new features. We already expected the iPhone was going to get taller and thinner. We also knew that they were bound to improve the camera. These incremental improvements are great but after a while, are they still going to have that WOW factor? Not to mention some of IOS 6 faults, including a horrible replacement for the Google Maps App. After reading up on some the new Apple Maps App, I learned that it doesn’t even include transit direction, which is a turn off, considering that 30% more Apple than Android users live in urban areas. And while Apple will definitely release more updates to make it’s IOS 6 better, it does not help that the “work in progress” Apple Maps app has fully replaced Google Maps in the new operating system.

            This could potentially create a problem for Apple, a company that has leveraged so much of its marketing. It seems though that it has forgotten a big component of the field: Product. People love Apple because it knows how to create beautiful products that work and are reliable. They offer them at prices that are seemingly high, but that consumers are willing to pay. They also showcase them in amazing state of the art Apple retail locations and promotes them heavily and effectively through their heartfelt commercials and reliance on word of mouth advertising about iPhone events. However, this time around, it seems that Apple has relied too heavily on the three P’s except one: Product. Apple iPhone events happen so frequently now that the public’s response, mind-blowing sales, have blown up the company’s ego a bit, possibly to the point that they could release an iPhone every year and it wouldn’t matter if the product itself was the best that it could be because loyal followers would buy them anyway. However, the product itself is crucial to the long-term success of the company. The reason why iPhone lovers love their phone is because it does everything they would want it to do, with surprising extras we would never even think about! However, competition is slowly creeping in from Samsung and if Apple wants to stay a winner in the smartphone industry, it must remember all of the 4 P’s in marketing

-Lawrence Montalvo

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