Will Justin Timberlake Bring the New MySpace Back?

ImageWe all remember MySpace as one of the first social media sites to emerge in the market that was later completely overshadowed by Facebook in 2008. Little did we know, however, that MySpace would make an attempt to come back into the social media market. Last week, MySpace revealed its new project, whose main ambassador and investor happens to be Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake’s role in this project is not only to promote the website to the general public, but also to Hollywood’s A-list. He told the public that the site will primarily target artists because it is imperative in today’s world for them to remain socially active. Once artists begin using the new MySpace, the site will then focus on recruiting music fans.

Back in 2008, MySpace began losing its members to Facebook because it began to bore its users with the sites’ slow loading speed due to their heavy use of banner ads. MySpace revealed its new layout this past week through a video that promises that the social media site will begin from scratch and focus mainly on becoming a social home for celebrities, musicians, artists, and their fans.

The website will thus continue with it’s focus on entertainment. It will provide a way for users to easily connect with artists and search albums, popular songs, and more. However, it is unclear whether MySpace will create its own music server or if it will partner with a music provider such as Rhapsody.

MySpace’s new layout looks a lot like Pinterest, a virtual pinboard. Users will be able to scroll through posts horizontally as opposed to the vertical scroll format that most popular social networks use. Moreover, the site will allow users to connect to MySpace through their Twitter or Facebook accounts thus indicating that MySpace does not plan to compete against these sites.

Do you think the new MySpace will be a success? Only time will tell whether the new it will be a success or if it is forever destined to remain overshadowed by Facebook and other social media sites.

– Carolina Navarrete

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