Monsters University Draws Huge Audience Leading Up to Movie Release

Back in 2001, a film by the name of Monsters, Inc was released. It was a little comical tale about two monster work friends, Mike and Sully, in their daily lives, which consisted of scaring children for energy. It was critically well received with about a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Disney/Pixar combo had yet another hit on their hands. Considering it did so well, it was obvious that there would be a sequel. However it took about twelve years for a sequel to be announced after the release of the first movie. The sequel, which is actually a prequel called Monsters University, follows Mike and Sully, through their college years, where they became the close friends that we see in Monsters, Inc.

Since original film came out over twelve years ago, not only is the original audience much older now, but also the film isn’t exactly the first thing on consumer’s minds anymore. Disney/Pixar’s marketing team had the challenge of trying to not only hook in new viewers, but to retain the viewers that had loved the previous installment.

As a result, Monsters, Inc is being rereleased in 3D on December 19th, 2012, which should help to hook new viewers in. For people who had already seen the film and do not want to spend more to see it at the theaters, the online marketing team went to town with a website called

Considering the average age of a child who saw the movie in 2001 is around college age now, it’s only appropriate that their online website is not about the movie itself (as to not spoil anything), but is actually a working college website for the fictitious Monsters University or “MU”. Filled with all the goodies of a college website, it allows viewer a chance to see class lists, “history” of the university, and even a fully working college store, where people can buy items.

This website was an amazing concept to launch for the movie. Causal viewers of the first film will not only recognize the characters in this one, but the interactive website allows for their marketing campaign to go viral through social media. By allowing their television ads to appeal to a younger audience (as much as a college movie can), and their online website to be a fun experience for older fans of the film, Disney/Pixar’s marketing team on Monsters University has given fans of all ages a reminder as to why they need to see this new film.

-Brie Garcia

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