FutureM Review: “The Future of Marketing is On-Demand: Insights on the Next Generation.”

One of the break out sessions I attended at FutureM was titled “The Future of Marketing is On-Demand: Insights on the Next Generation.”  The session was led by John and Jodi Robinson; both Senior Vice Presidents at Digitas. I was really intrigued by the title and its take on the rising group called the on-demand generation. Young preteens now have a strong buying power. This new generation is all mashed and multi, has a level playing field, has more opportunities, and is more resourceful.

  • All mashed and multi: the new generation is engaged in more ideas and  more theories; they would rather make a product than buy one.
  • More opportunities: teens are and will have exposure to much more  than the younger generation has because of the rapid increase in social media.
  • Level playing field: everything is now available on Google and a college degree will no longer be worth as much as it is now.
  • Resourceful: this generation is making more and buying less, they are going back to basics but in a good way.

This generation is going to have a huge buying power over their parents in the way they develop their persuasion which will ultimately shift the success of many companies. Many companies such as David Yurman and Coach have started coming up with campaigns specifically targeting children and creating new products for children to purchase. This is allowing children to have a place in expensive brands. This new way of reaching out to kids causes an equal brand preference among children and adults.

The speakers took this topic and presented it in an interactive, informative and fun way by having a panel of six young children, the youngest was 10 and the oldest was 13. It was surprising and definitely got the entire audience’s attention when the two speakers asked the kids questions about branding and the types of topics kids their age talk about. The common thread was Google + is the new AIM, Instagram and Tumblr are popular after Facebook, and its cool to have an iPhone at 10 years old.

-Lisa Blancato
BUMKC Secretary

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