How did Companies Prepare for Black Friday?

ImageThis past Black Friday, the total number of in-store and weekend shoppers hit a new record for the holiday weekend. With all the competition most stores face, they had to make sure everything was ready in order for shoppers to buy their products. 

One of the most essential things this year was optimizing applications for smartphones and tablets. For example, Macy’s application now has a store locator feature that shows its customers store-specific sales as a pop-up when they walk into the store. Moreover, Macy’s app also includes QR codes and bar codes that customers can scan allowing them to read additional information about specific products, such as consumer reviews and price comparisons. In fact, after consumers buy the products, they too can leave product reviews for others too see. These aspects were so essential to this year’s Black Friday that almost one-fourth of all online traffic came from mobile devices.         

Additionally, the most successful stores this Black Friday coordinated their marketing across multiple channels. However, stores had to make sure they delivered a consistent message to consumers through all channels. On Twitter, it was important for companies to use the appropriate hashtags. The most commonly used hashtag this season was #BlackFriday. 

It was also important for retailers to send reminders to their subscribers about the promotions they would be offering on the big sale day. In fact, major online retailers sent an average of 5.9 promotional emails the week prior to Black Friday. 

Stores also had to think about how to treat their customers on Black Friday. Many stores offered early-bird specials that usually lasted the entire morning. Some of the smaller stores offered something simple but different such as providing hot chocolate or coffee for the customers waiting outside. This allowed customers to enter the stores in a good mood thus raising sales. Additionally, stores did not forget to ask customers if they wanted to sign up for a membership offering an additional discount if they did. 

As technology changes, so do marketing strategies. A few years back, we would have never thought that days such as Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday would exist. For this reason, marketing strategies have had to change and adjust to new events and occurrences that consumers enjoy and request so much.

– Carolina Navarrete

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