Notes from a Senior

After finishing up the first semester of senior year, and all my classes in SMG, I took some time to reflect back at the three and half years that have been. Here are some of my favorite things that I have experienced in the wonderful city of Boston.

Favorite Class: MK487 – Branding with Professor Hambrick. Yes, the class has a lot of reading and the midterm is tough. You’re expected to read and think about a case prior to each class, but that is what makes it truly great. I absolutely love Professor Hambrick’s style of teaching with cases and the involvement that is required from students. In all of my SMG classes I remember always telling the professors how much I appreciated real life examples that people can learn from, cases are exactly that. Not only did I enjoy the content but Professor Hambrick really knows what she is talking about (with some amazing real life experience of her own) and I enjoy her personality. My love of marketing probably makes this class amplified slightly, but this was by far my favorite class at BU.

Favorite Boston activity: It’s a tie between the Christmas Tree Lighting in Boston Commons and the Duck Tour. I’ve always loved the Christmas spirit so the first time my friends and I went to the tree lighting in the Commons my freshman year I fell in love. It’s a great celebration where thousands of people come together to listen to live performances prior to an amazing tree being illuminated. I loved it so much; I’ve gone every year (except this one, due to a project) since.  

            The duck tour is just one of those clichéd Boston experiences that I feel everyone has to do. Yes, it is expensive, but you’re only going to do it once, and it takes you through all the historic Boston landmarks you probably would never otherwise see. It’s great to get to know Boston and the history of the city we are living in.

Favorite Place to Eat – Again, a tie between Giacamo’s in Back Bay or the North End and Fish Market in Allston. The first time I ever came to Boston I was with my mom, and we wanted some good Italian food. We were staying in Copley and asked the concierge to point us in the direction of somewhere close but still amazing. He sent us to Giacamo’s, about a 5-minute walk from our hotel. We were so in love with this place that every time my family is in Boston we go back, a tradition we have kept for over five years. Over time the restaurant has become more popular but we always wait because we love it that much.

            Being from California I love sushi and in Boston I just hadn’t been able to find a place that I was completely satisfied with. Over the summer I found Fish Market in Allston. While kind of on the expensive side, it is definitely worth it. Their salmon appetizer is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten (not kidding)!

Favorite thing about Boston and BU: All the people I’ve met. People from all over the world come to go to school at BU. It has really opened up my eyes to the different types of people and made me more self-aware. Taking the time to meet truly diverse people is something everyone in Boston can take advantage of.

My one piece of advice: College goes by faster than I could have ever imagined. Yes, classes and internships are important, but experiences are as well. Take the time to enjoy the wonderful place you’ve chosen to go to school and the people that are here with you. Do well in your classes but don’t sacrifice fun!

Feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have!

-Amanda Sienkiewicz 

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