Notes From A Junior

Favorite Class: As a junior who has just emerged from CORE, I definitely have a newfound respect for the SMG curriculum. It was honestly one of the most useful experiences I’ve had at BU. I have already seen applications of what you learn in all four concentrations come in handy during interviews and day-to-day conversations. It really helped me get a perspective on what I wanted to do specifically.

Favorite Place to Study: Throughout the 2 and a half years I have spent at BU, I have tried out many study spots; From Mugar library to Pardee to the top of Stuvi 2. Each had its perks, but each also had a major flaw – they were simply too popular. Everyone knows about these spots and you’re bound to run into someone you know anytime you go and get distracted. Therefore, to avoid this I found a more secluded spot to get work done – the law school. There are a ton of spots within the school to tuck away and zone into whatever you need to get done.

Favorite Thing to Get From SMG Starbucks: In between two long classes the best thing to revive me has to be an “Iced Green Tea Latte with light ice”. When it gets served up, I’m not going to lie, it does looks a bit strange with its pale green hue, but it tastes heavenly! I definitely recommend trying it.


All in all, my main piece of advice as a junior comes down to exploring. Explore every crevice of the campus and the city. There are so many places off the beaten path that have so much to offer that those who stick to the norm will never experience. You only have 4 years here, make sure you squeeze the most you can out of that time.



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