Tips For a Fresh Start to a New Year and New Semester

Many of us may not be excited to return back to school after such a short break to face such a harsh winter. Instead of getting overwhelmed thinking about all the school work you’ll need to complete during the course of the semester, take a deep breath and think about ways that will make you de-stress and be productive at the same time 

Are as involved on campus as you would like to be? If not, take the time to find an organization or club that interests you (we are obviously partial to Marketing Club). If nothing captures your attention, go ahead and do something extraordinary. Got a superb idea for a club that your school doesn’t have yet? Start an organization from scratch!

Make your apartment or dorm feel homey. You can do this by covering your walls with magazine pages, family pictures, friend collages. Make it colorful and attractive and let the smiling faces on those photos cheer you up every day. Make your living space feel comfortable but adding cozy touches to it. Fill up your room with things that remind you of home whether it’s your mom’s breakfast muffins or your grandma’s coffee mug.

Eat healthy and exercise. Don’t start off the semester by filling up your room with junk food. Staying healthy is part of feeling good and motivated. It may seem that you do not have enough time to go to the gym but try spending some quality time apart from your textbooks by exercising It will lower your stress, will give you more energy to study and boost your concentration.

Spend less time on Facebook and other sites that distract you. If you are thinking about procrastinating, tell yourself to spend only a certain amount of time looking up pictures of friends and focus on the homework or on the studying you have to do for that day. Also, watch the news and be updated with current events. Do things that make you productive and enrich yourself with new, useful information.

Look up jobs and internships, especially for the upcoming summer. Get a head start and save yourself some stress later. Go to the Career Center to get help updating your resume and practice for interviews. Use your resources to look up amazing internship opportunities that will enhance your career path. Next week Marketing Club will be having a workshop during our meeting time to help you get started on this!

-Thais De Azambuja

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