How Will the New Blackberry Phones Stack Up Versus Their Competition?

ImageMany of us remember Blackberry phones as the iPhone of a few years ago. Everyone had one and if you weren’t on BBM, there was something weird about you. Since the release and the popularity of the iPhone, the Blackberry has almost exclusively been used as a work phone since it is ideal for emails.

In the last week, RIM (Research in Motion), the company that makes Blackberry phones, made some major changes. First, they changed their name. They are no longer RIM but simply Blackberry. Second, they revealed two new phones, the Z10 and Q10. The Z10 is all touch-screen, and made to compete with the iPhone, while the Q10 has the classic Blackberry Keyboard.

Since the reveal there have been many different reviews and thoughts regarding Blackberry’s move. The phones have undergone a major overhaul. The operating system now revolves around the “Hub” that can be accessed at any time during any application. The Hub allows users to have all email, text messages, and notifications in one place. The hub also has a calendar function that sorts contacts by meetings. Another new function is the camera, which has a “Time Shift” mode. This allows the user to take multiple pictures of the same group and switch one face between the pictures is someone wasn’t looking, for example.

While all of these new features sound amazing, there has been criticism that the new Blackberry is confusing. Mashable made this video showing people attempting to use the phone for the first time. It shows that the sleek new design might not provide the user with an easy time learning how to use their new phone.

To me this is a big problem. Phones today are all about simplicity. Many of us have grandparents that are able to use the iPhone, which it seems like that might not be the case for this new Blackberry. Another thing to consider is if this move by Blackberry is just too little too late. It’s no secret that iPhones are dominating the smart phone world, and many people are extremely happy with their phones. Is this move by Blackberry enough to gain back some share in the smart phone market, or will these phones just become the replacement to your old business Blackberry?

-Amanda Sienkiewicz

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