Broadway Revamps Its Strategy

ImageWhen you hear “Broadway,” what image comes to mind? The picture probably consists of bright lights, glamorous performers, and fur-coat-clad women crowding a theater. You probably don’t think of Broadway advertisements on the social media sites you use every day or of stars such as Daniel Radcliffe or Scarlett Johansson. The future is going to bring with it a new generation of Broadway.
The fact that our generation is so immersed in technology plays a huge role in Broadway’s decision to change its marketing strategy. In its attempt to appeal to a younger generation, Broadway is epitomizing the phrase, “Out with the old and in with the new.” New forms of advertising, such as social media, are becoming the norm. Different productions are creating their own Twitter accounts to interact with their customers and to offer discounts. 
Shows on Broadway are also creating their own social media pages. Instead of focusing advertising on sites such as Facebook, individual shows have sites dedicated specifically to them. With this, producers can identify the most committed fans, interact with them and get their opinions. 
It’s truly all about interactivity. An agency in New York promoted a show by having people who watched the show record their own reviews. The videos of the reviews were then posted on Youtube and on the show’s website. The strategy was a success, as hundreds of people recorded and submitted videos. 
Along with the shift to interactive advertising, Broadway is also bringing more celebrities to its stage than in years past. Recent stars have included Robin Williams, Chris Rock and Kiefer Sutherland. Some shows have been successes and some failures, but Broadway continues using Hollywood personas to attract a larger audience. Their hope is that this larger audience will hold members from a younger generation.
Will Broadway’s new marketing strategy be successful? Will our generation become Broadway fans? While it may be hard to break away from tradition, in this ever-evolving age, it might be necessary in order not to fall behind. 
– Zarah Mohamed
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