What it’s like to be a Campus Ambassador

As a campus ambassador for ReadyU this semester, I have learned a lot about not only what it takes to represent a company on campus, but also about ReadyU itself. Almost everyone knows about Procter & Gamble and its products such as Tide, Venus, Herbal Essences, CoverGirl and Duracell. However, many people have not heard about ReadyU itself. ReadyU is Procter & Gamble’s college platform that is run across the nation in about 100 different campuses. This campaign aims to essentially improve the lives of college students by providing them with information and products and that will help them in their everyday life while increasing brand awareness and purchase consideration for its products.

There are two campus ambassadors at BU and our job includes different tasks such promoting ReadyU via social media as well as planning and executing events where we give out Procter & Gamble samples. Personally, this position has given me an opportunity to gain on-hands experience in my major by allowing me to create my own guerilla marketing events and define what are the best ways to reach Boston University students. I have also learned many new PR techniques and ways of reaching out to people via the complex social world and have had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. So far this has definitely been a very enriching experience from which I continue to learn new things everyday. 

-Carolina Navarrete

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