The Importance of Content Marketing

After having several guest speakers come in to discuss the importance of their brand reputation through social media, it is vital to highlight several key aspects of this type of marketing. Companies need to be on the leading edge of social and Internet culture. They have to constantly be up to date regarding which strategies to use to strengthen their brand and to reinforce consumer connection through social media efforts. As such, companies have to constantly spread the word through content marketing in order to keep people’s attention as they move from screen to screen. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers employ content marketing techniques and more than half of both groups plan to increase their efforts in 2013.

Content marketing may be blooming, yet it is still a new business concept. Companies are still trying to figure out which strategies to use to figure our how to create sophisticated content that get people excited about a product or service!

But how is this brought about? An article by Katherine Duncan reveals key points as to how to marketers can employ a creative approach through content marketing in lieu of spending thousands of dollars to buy advertising or keywords.

  • Celebrate variety.

Do not limit your online content to blog postings or case studies. Consider offering product comparisons and rethink common elements of your website.

Facilitate the storytelling process by employing quick videos, artwork, and catchy photographs. Learn about the most innovative, creative ads and rethink their approaches. Then execute your own ideas and run them!

  • Set high standards.

Remember that effective content generates and nurtures leads. Communicate with consumers with stories and blogs that don’t sound like propaganda. Part of the secret is avoiding being too promotional. Rollout prevalent features that set your brand apart to communicate with consumers. Come to BUMKC and attend speaker conferences to get some exciting ideas!

  • Share wisely.

Connect with others on various networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to build your brand’s presence. It’s important to know how to share your content across appropriate social media channels. Take action via shares and comments as well.

Content marketing is, indeed, one of the best marketing approaches nowadays and in upcoming years. The first two points should be extremely emphasized. The tricky part, however, is capturing your audience and retaining them. If you follow these tips, you are in the right direction towards spreading the core message of your brand successfully!

-Thais De Azambuja

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