E-board Summer Catchup: Lisa Blancato

Greetings from Sunny Florida!  🙂

Ginger my lab!

Ginger my lab!

I hope everyone is enjoying their lovely summer break and taking time to relax and be with family and friends! If you are like me, you do not really take time to relax and instead involve yourself in 50,000 other activities this summer! My name is Lisa Blancato and I am the President of BU Marketing Club. If you have just found out about us or are reading our blog for the 20th time, I want to say hey and welcome you to our community! A little bit about me- I currently live in Orlando, FL, yes 20 minutes from Disney World and Universal Studios, but no, I do not go all the time! I have a yellow lab named Ginger who I love and adore and am so excited to be with her this summer! 


I am so excited for the new year and the exciting events, programs, and accounts we have prepared!

So what am I up to?

This summer I am working as a Marketing Associate at Ijenti Inc located in Winter Park, Florida. This job has been one of the most exciting jobs I have ever had! Everyday is different and I am constantly learning something new! It is a lot of work and tires me out everyday, but I am so excited to wake up every morning and work in a place that motivates me, excites me, and pushes me to do better! I currently manage several clients, this includes doing email campaigns, managing their social media, and coming up with some design! It really is awesome! On the weekends, I like to meet up with some friends and get dinner, go to the movies, and visit my favorite ice cream place: Twistee Treat! Yum! I have also visited the beach to work on my tan before coming back to Boston in the Fall!

Enjoy the summer, connect with me on twitter @lisamarieblan, and BUMKC, our facebook page, and email: bumkclub@gmail.com!

I look forward to seeing you all in the Fall!

Peace & Sunshine,

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