Golden Tickets for the Red Sox Games

On Wednesday October 30, 2013, Boston saw something that hadn’t happened in almost 100 years: the Red Sox winning the World Series in Fenway. The last time this happened was in 1918, so were Bostonians sure that the Red Sox were going to win? They couldn’t be. Regardless, people who attended the game paid thousands of dollars to watch what they thought was going to be their team making history. By the start of this week, the tickets for the Red Sox game in Fenway were sold out, and the secondary market did not have a single cheap ticket. For what they were worth, they could quite literally be golden tickets.

By October 29th, the cheapest ticket available on the secondary market was worth $849, and it wasn’t even in a very good place! A bleacher seat cost about $1,050. The most expensive tickets went up to $9,000 a piece. Even more incredible, guess how much the ticket in the Right Field Box 95 was worth? As much as $11,000!

Was it worth it? For real fans, watching the Red Sox win their first World Series on Fenway soil since 1918 is worth more than gold; while for others, going to a bar and paying $30 for dinner and a beer was more than enough. These ticket prices are the highest that the World Series has seen since the market for them was traced. Thank god the Red Sox actually won the game, or there would have been a whole lot of disappointed and angry fans…with no money!

-Miranda Mazariegos


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