Virgin America’s Recent Marketing Tactic

Do you still remember the last time you actually paid attention to a flight safety video on a plane? You might not be able to recall the one you saw during your recent Thanksgiving trip. Virgin America was able to get around 8 million people in the past month to watch their safety video without the audiences stepping into a plane!

We are living in an emerging digital world, and thanks to technology, consumers are firmly in control today. They want what they want, and when they want it. It becomes more challenging for brands now to satisfy their customers. They can no longer compete merely by having the best price, service or products. CMOs need to find new ways to enhance customer experiences within the marketing process, because it is essential for brand success, and brands have to do more than just traditional marketing such as prints and broadcast.

Recently, Virgin America made an unconventional safety video to enhance their customer experience by adding some entertainment to the flying experience. A typical flight experience usually kicks off with a boring safety video that no one pays attention to. Virgin America was able to enhance its flight experience by pulling off an entertaining safety video guide that involves dancing, singing and pop music. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are essential for airline businesses. Virgin America was able to enhance the customer experience to differentiate itself from other major airlines. The safety video went viral and has spread throughout major social medias. The video screams “flying with Virgin America is a great experience”.

Virgin America Safety Video:

Behind the Scenes of the Virgin America Safety Video:

Kimberly Choy


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