Old School

The world is constantly moving and changing. Things like pop up ads and flyers have gotten easier and easier to ignore; they’re so common that we have developed a more specialized version of seeing, something that allows us to shut out all of the “unnecessary noise”.
So maybe the trick to advertising efficiently and effectively is creating an advertisement that people want to see: A funnier commercial, a prettier design, a poster that teaches you something when you look at it.
With that in mind, I have one suggestion for anyone who’s trying to get the word out about the latest thing: Get back to kindergarten.
And by that, I mean you should break out the box of chalk and find someone with an eye for artistry. Instead of hanging a banner or posting a flyer, make a work of art so gorgeous that people will stop and stare, and maybe even share photos of it on their own initiative. If landscapes and paintings are not exactly your style, go for something funky and creative, like a chalk QR code, or an easily sketched out scene.
A good way to grab attention for the project is to take “in-progress” pictures, so that you can post the photos detailing the entire process online. That sort of thing draws in attention, people like seeing how a thing is built from start to finish.

So get back to kindergarten, and get creating!
-Janna Chang

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