Making Treasure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s a very old saying, one that my mother has told me time and time again, while trawling through garage sales and exploring thrift shops. She loves that thrill of discovery, the chance to find a diamond in the rough.

Sometimes, it’s the same way with advertising. One college student’s recycled flyer might be another one’s ticket to a noise-free neighborhood.

The problem isn’t always in getting the information from point A to point B. Every student needs food, housing, a place to shop, and things to do. They’re more than happy to get the information, and people are more than willing to give it to them.

But there’s just so much of it. The problem is making that potential trash into a true treasure.

Find alternative ways to advertise! Instead of yet another flyer handed off by some guy on the street, set up a Twitter feed and post photos of the apartments that are open to rent. Tag photos of the most spectacular froyo concoctions that pass over your scale with the names of their makers. Who doesn’t want to see their name in print?

Post signs made of out funky material on message boards, do something different, become that diamond in the rough. And always strive to be an unexpected treasure. 

– Janna Chang


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