Marketing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

This summer, each of our e-board members will be posting in our blog- keeping you up to date on marketing trends in between the school semesters! My name is Bronwen and I am the events coordinator for the coming fall semester. I’m excited to “kick things off” with an entry on the marketing campaigns in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.


The World Cup is every marketers dream. With millions of people watching each match, the right half-time marketing campaign can really get people’s attention. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular commercials at this year’s World Cup.

 1. Nike launched their ‘Risk Everything’ Campaign (#RiskEverything) for the World Cup. In their first video, Nike captures the audience’s attention by using football (soccer) stars such as Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Iniesta and more. In the upbeat video, entitled ‘Winner Stays On’, the kids transform into the stars they want to be. To date, the video has over 80 million views. Their second video, entitled ‘The Last Game’ is an animated short featuring an all-star team of the world’s best players. The all-stars take on a team of perfect robotic football players in an effort to prove that real players can win and bring the excitement and passion to the game that the machines lack (over 49 million views). Nike makes watching commercials fun and engaging!

Image                           Image

 2. Adidas launched their World Cup campaign called ‘All In Or Nothing’. Their two most popular videos are entitled ‘The Dream’ (over 35 million views) and ‘The Wake Up Call’ (over 3 million views).   Both commercials are set to the song “God Level” by Kayne West and feature dramatic scenes. On YouTube, however, an interesting observation is that both of Adidas’s two commercials put together do not match the number of views as one of Nike’s commercial.

 3. McDonald’s GOL commercial surprisingly doesn’t feature any food but instead an entertaining video with football tricks. The players (chosen for their talents) perform skilful tricks with the football on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, McDonald’s app, in which you can practice your virtual football skills, boasts the tagline: “GET THE APP, GET THE FRIES, PLAY FOR GLORY”.

Image                  Image

 4. Coca Cola issued a universal invitation to the World Cup as part of their largest ever-marketing campaign. They describe their 2-minute film called “One World, One Game”, as “a series of authentic documentary style films championing the power of football to bring people together”. The films follow the stories of four football teams and offer a genuine, unique approach to commercial making.

Marketing campaigns have evolved to be very much a story telling process. People respond more strongly to commercials when it doesn’t feel like a commercial but instead conveys the message in a distinct, creative and appealing way. What’s your favourite World Cup commercial?

Don’t forget to cheer on your team at the World Cup in Brazil! To see when your team is playing or for more information, visit FIFA’s website at:

Check back in a week for our next posting!

-Bronwen Ambridge


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