How Ben & Jerry’s Utilizes Social Media to Create Change

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Carlson and I will be the treasurer for BUMKC this upcoming semester. I hope everyone is enjoying their summers and I can’t wait for all the exciting things we have planned for the fall! I’m spending my summer in Burlington, VT working as an intern at People Making Good PR. I’ve also been passing my time by partaking in some Vermont pastimes which include beaching on Lake Champlain, hanging out with cows, and eating countless amounts of ice cream.


*Me with some cows*

Being the birthplace of Ben & Jerry’s, you can say that I’ve learned quite a lot about the company from my time being here. Ben & Jerry’s operates on a three-part mission to benefit each member of their business including suppliers, farmers, employees, franchisees, customers and neighbors. Their innovative social media campaigns and grassroots efforts help promote their values and allow their stance on issues to be heard. In our current technology age, where it is imperative for companies to connect with consumers on social media, Ben & Jerry’s is taking a step further and trying to start a dialogue for change with its quirky graphics and signature cow print. With over 7 million Facebook likes and 226,000 twitter followers, they have the power and audience to really make a difference.


Some of the issues the company has supported through these social media campaigns include Marriage Equality, Climate Justice, Fairtrade and most recently Mandatory GMO labeling. The graphic above is just one way Ben & Jerry’s supports the issues it cares about while also retaining its signature brand. They are very active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where they display fan photos and also craft innovative photos with ice cream pints and funny sayings. The graphic below was posted with the title “Six Pack”. As a brand, Ben & Jerry’s likes to keep with current events and this is displayed through their partnerships with movies such as Anchorman with its Scotchy Scotch Scotch ice cream and the newly released SNL flavors which has a social media campaign that plays off of the show.


Ben & Jerry’s is an exemplary example of how a company sticks to its values and uses social media in an innovative way to connect to customers, but also raise awareness to issues they care about. To learn more about their mission and social responsibility efforts, you can visit: .


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