An insight into BMW’s NOT NORMAL campaign from a BMW intern

Hi everybody! My name is Julia Haas and I will be one of the event coordinators for the upcoming semester. I hope you are all enjoying your summer and I’m looking forward to a great semester! I’m spending my summer in my hometown in Germany where I’m working as a marketing and PR intern for the local BMW and MINI Dealership. Having been a long time fan and being the proud owner of a MINI Cooper, working for BMW has always been a dream of mine. With this internship I have the incredible chance to experience BMW and especially MINI marketing strategies from behind the scenes.


One of my favorite MINI ad campaigns was the NOT NORMAL campaign that started back in 2012. Instead of using the traditional media outlets such as television and print ads, MINI focused on clever stunts and event marketing. For example, the NOT NORMAL campaign included a series of lampposts with replica MINI’s hung upside down. The signs on the roofs read: NOT NORMAL and the MINI headlights actually served as working streetlights. By standing out from the crowd with such unusual ad displays, MINI captured people’s attention and invited fans to share their experiences via social media. By relying heavily on social media and word-of-mouth advertisement, MINI also saved a lot of money. The brand under the BMW Group spent less than $20 million on advertisement in 2012.


While this very much unusual and low-coast approach to marketing not only helps MINI stand out from the crowd, it also defines the culture of the brand. During my internship I have had the chance to experience this unique culture of the MINI brand and some of its local marketing strategies and ad campaigns. Whether it was hosting an After Work Beach Party, a MINI Road Trip through the Black Forest or a partnership with a Women’s only local marathon, MINI never goes the traditional marketing route. The non-traditional, NOT NORMAL, approach to advertising has been so successful for MINI because it perfectly captures the extraordinary and unique spirit of MINI fans. I am myself a MINI driver and I found myself drawn to the MINI brand because it stands for something exciting and fun-something that’s different and definitely not normal.

For more information about MINI visit their website


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