Playing Golf with our Secretary, Whitney!

Greetings! I am Whitney Reimann, your Marketing Club Secretary. Summer is almost coming to an end, but looking forward to many more beach days until then. I have been working at The Country Club in Brookline for my second summer, just about 4 ½ miles from the heart of BU although you would never guess you are so close to Boston.
I have been playing a lot of golf after work, even sometimes for work, so I apologize but golf is just on my mind. Many people are unaware of how to play golf. Young Tiger Woods made it cool for kids to play and there was a surge in playership, but it has been declining with Tiger’s problems and age. Young superstar, Rory McIlory, might help bring kids into the game, but only about 9% of the potential US population plays golf and the trend has been down over the past six years. Several Golf organizations are creating campaigns to get people to play. The PGA has determined that the intimidation factor is keeping people out of the game and they have created the Perfect Day campaign to show customers that the typical golfer not only does not play like the Pros on TV but is terrible. Yet, as bad as they are at playing golf, they still have a lot of fun.

Yes, you can mess up but still have a great time in beautiful nature with your friends. But this campaign, developed by Ammirati, also is combined with a sales pitch to get the couched-potatoed, potential customer to take a desired action. It is combined with GetGolfReady program that helps players get started in the sport with a big discount of five lessons for $99. There are already programs like First Tee and Ready Set Golf that are sponsored to attract golfers that would normally not be able to afford to play golf at all. My old high school teammate founded Ready Set Golf to help democratize golf outside its typical affinity group; however Perfect Day is geared to the person who is able to play and can afford a set of clubs, but needs the embarrassment anxiety lowered and an easy entrance ramp onto a golf course.

I think this professionally produced Ammirati campaign shows that even with a structural marketing model like a brand awareness campaign, you should not neglect the sale. You need to always have in mind an action you want the customer to take and you need to include it in your marketing message.


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