Networking Made Easy

Networking— sounds scary, doesn’t it? It seems like something that maybe old people or outgoing people do to get ahead, but there’s more to networking than that. See why your opinions about networking may be wrong.

I’m too shy to network

Networking doesn’t have to take place at a fancy business event or cocktail hour. You can network with your parents and ask if they have any friends or colleagues who work in marketing. You can ask your friends from spin class if they know anyone who you can talk to. You can even ask your professors and classmates who are interested in similar aspects of marketing.

I’m not looking for a job or internship

Even if you’re not looking for a new job or internship now, you may be looking for one in the future. You may meet someone with a cool job you didn’t even know existed and decide to change careers. Maybe you’re a freshman and a job or internship isn’t even close to on your radar. Networking can help you decide what area of marketing you want to go into or what classes to choose while you’re in school. You may also be able to help someone else find a new job or internship.

I don’t know where to start

Come join us at Marketing Club on Tuesdays from 6-7pm. You’ll hear from marketing professors, people who work in marketing and advertising, and your peers about why they love what they do and get advice on your own career journey.

If you’re interested in more one on one time with industry professionals, sign up for our Company Spotlight Program, where you can interview someone who works in marketing about their things like their careers paths, their company and their job. It will be a great learning experience and your interview will be featured on the website for other people to read after you’re done. You’ll be able to sign up at our first meeting of the Spring semester on Tuesday January 27th. If you’re curious about what exciting and innovative companies we’ll be partnering with, sign up for our newsletter. Check out some of our members’ past Company Spotlight interviews.

-Brianna Gammons

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