Meet Our New Accounts Coordinator: Kaitlin

Magazine photo

Hello, my name is Kaitlin Cronin and I am a sophomore in the College of General Studies. I am currently planning on either majoring or minoring in Business Administration and Communications. Some of my hobbies include playing tennis, investing in stocks, writing, reading, cooking, traveling, fishing, watching movies, brainstorming new inventions, building robots and singing! I am also a huge animal lover! I have two Yorkshire terriers!

I have a strong interest in Marketing, as I believe it is essential for any growing global business to thrive. One of my favorite aspects of marketing is the creative brainstorming behind it. There are so many unique ways to advertise a business’s brand and what it stands for.

One of my favorite marketing campaigns that I recently watched was a car commercial that showcased a girl growing up and driving her parents car. This commercial was heartwarming in the sense that it showed her in the car when she was younger with her parents and then it switched to a scene of her dad-waving goodbye as she headed off to her senior prom in the car. Towards the end of the commercial the daughter is driving the family car to college and then in the very last scene her dad is waving goodbye as she rides off in the car with a just married sign hanging on the back window. This commercial adds a nice layer of sentimentality to the car that the company is selling. They are trying to remind you that the car is not only durable, as we can see in the commercial, since one car lasted through many years of a girl’s lifetime, but also that a car is symbolic of growing up. Therefore this car plays an essential role in peoples lives; which is why buying it is the right decision to make. This cleverly crafted heartwarming commercial is just one example of why I love marketing so much.


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