Executive Board

President: Miriam Lelah

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Class year: 2018

Concentration(s): Information Systems

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Fun Fact: I was an extra in “Iron Man” and “Don’t mess with the Zohan”

Why I joined BUMKC: I joined to get hands-on marketing experience.

Contact Info: mlelah@bu.edu


Vice President:  Marta Perezagua Sanchez-Beato


Class year: 2018

Concentration: Operations & Information Systems

Hometown: Toledo, Spain

Fun Fact: I have lived in 3 continents

Why I joined BUMKC: I joined accounts to get some hands on experience and really liked the club and the people involved so I decided that I wanted to have a bigger role within the club and so I applied for the first E-Board position that opened to get my foot in the door and worked my way up

Contact Info: martap@bu.edu


Secretary: Tom Adams


Class year: 2018

Concentration: Marketing

Hometown: Randolph, New Jersey

Fun Fact: My dog Lucy is instagram famous. (Follow her @lucycavinthelife!)

Why I joined BUMKC: 

Contact Info: tadams8@bu.edu


Treasurer: Neha Saboo


Class year: 2020

Concentration: Marketing and Finance

Hometown: Montgomery, New Jersey

Fun Fact: I’ve watched all 10 seasons of Friends atleast 7 times!

Why I joined BUMKC: I initially joined to explore the different facets of marketing and gain more opportunities for networking and experience!

Contact Info: nehasabs@bu.edu


Events Coordinator: Annie Wei


Class year: 2019

Concentration: Marketing and Finance

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Fun Fact: I love to dance Tahitian!

Why I joined BUMKC: I felt that Marketing Club was the best way for me to gain a better understanding of the concentration at BU while also getting a glimpse into what it’s like to work in marketing after college. This was particularly helpful in my first two years at Questrom since we aren’t given an opportunity to take a marketing course until CORE in junior year. Being a part of the accounts team in my freshmen year allowed me to get hands-on experience in working with start-up companies in the greater Boston area and attending the various workshops gave me insight on the different internship opportunities available.

Contact Info: mlelah@bu.edu


Events Coordinator: Kevin Rivlin


Class year: 2019

Concentration: Marketing and Operations

Hometown: Haworth, NJ

Fun Fact: I am related to the President of Israel

Why I joined BUMKC: I joined because I have a passion for marketing and I want to help others find that passion

Contact Info: krivlin@bu.edu


Accounts Coordinator: Sally Gao

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Class year: 2019

Concentration(s): Advertising (COM)

Hometown: New York

Fun Fact: My last name actually means tall in Chinese, but funny enough, I’m only 5’ 1”

Why I joined BUMKC: in hopes of meeting others who have a similar interest in marketing and gaining a greater sense of working in the field.

Contact Info: sallygao@bu.edu

Accounts Coordinator: Brian Hong

Contact Info: bjhong@bu.edu